Mentoring Program for Early Career Artists from the Connecticut River Valley

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VAM is currently accepting registrations for mentors and mentees!


"The benefit of having a mentor is immeasurable. As a graphic artist in the area just trying to find her place in the field, being able to link up with Seth and simply be able to bounce ideas off of and get advice is amazing. Seth is a wealth of information and I really do appreciate VAM for connecting me with him. It's a connection that I cherish and I hope that others get the opportunity to be a part of something so enriching."

- Nathalie Ortiz, Holyoke

"My time working with Sabrina was invaluable. She guided me through the process of applying to grad school, and without her I would have never been heading in the direction I am today."

– Jonah Godfrey, mentee theatre artist (mentor = Sabrina Hamilton, Artistic Director, Ko Festival)

"The one on one feedback and assignments that I received from [my mentor Lorna Ritz] were perfectly suited to my work and personal desires for growth in my drawing and painting technique. Her criticism and encouragement helped push against the fear and doubt, and has truly helped me to become a better artist. I am very grateful for this experience, and am glad that the VAM can support this work."

– Hannah Brookman, visual artist/videographer/director of makerspace "Looky Here" in Greenfield

Jada and LT Governor

We match 10 - 15 mentor/mentee pairs a year on a rolling basis.

Commitment: Mentors and mentees connect online or in person once every two weeks for a six month period


We are recruiting mentors who are established artists or arts professionals with 15+ years of experience in their field who would like to help up and coming artists and arts professionals in the Valley by sharing their knowledge, advice and potentially referrals to their networks. If you are interested in serving as a mentor please share your contact info on the registration form below and we will follow up with you.


We seek applications from mentees who are:

  • ages 18+
  • reside in the Connecticut River Valley (Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden Counties).
  • Seek to make their living in the arts as practicing artists or arts professionals (curators, presenters, non-profit administrators, etc.).
  • Applications from those seeking to make a career change are welcome as well as people "just starting out."